A taste experience you won’t forget

Organic chocolates, truffles and sweets handmade in Estonia

What makes our chocolates special?

  • freshness guaranteed: all products are handmade to order
  • original recipes
  • only pure organic ingredients
  • contain berries, fruits and herbs grown in Estonian forests and farms
  • made from the world’s oldest and rarest Criollo cocoa bean variety
happy customers and cooperation partners
handmade chocolates were made by us in 2017
exciting recipes

Customer reviews

I have always thought the sweets made by Magusameistrid are very special in taste, but only after visiting their chocolate factory did I realise that this special taste comes from the way the chocolate is made and from the motivation they put inside it: the team works in a harmonious setting where the sweets are handmade accompanied by beautiful music.

What is also beautiful is that some of the profit is given to charity. All of this can be felt in the rich taste of the chocolate! I especially recommend the truffles 🙂

Marie Soone

The truffles made by Magusameistrid have a rich chocolate taste. I have tasted several of them and my favourite is the kama truffle. It is a kind of Estonian taste that not everybody can understand, but those who do, love it deeply!

The truffles are made from organic ingredients and that’s why the taste is so pure and authentic. I also love the beautiful look of the truffles and the way they pack them.

Sirle SõstraConfectioner

The truffles are amazing. I like that it’s all organic, but to be honest, I just love the taste and the fact that they offer such a rich choice of flavours.

Moreover, I love the way the truffles look, they do seem to put great effort into the way their sweets are presented. This makes it a perfect gift as well.

Actually, the gifting part is a bit hard for me… I keep eating the sweets myself.

Martin KallasmaaCommercial Director - Car Rental Gateway Limited / Titanium Systems OÜ

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